Transcend Performance & Wellness takes pride in being one of the best at athletic performance training. With a large background in training multiple sports, strength and conditioning, and aiding athletes returning from injury, Transcend is able to enhance any athlete’s performance. During personal training all athletes will receive completely custom and individualized programs, with the utilization of sports technology, and access to the coach’s text line for instant communication.

Personal training will focus on the athletes wants and needs. This allows the athlete to gain full advantage of the performance training. Our 1-on-1 performance training is for those who are looking to take their training and athletic potential to the next level. It is also great for those in or coming off of physical therapy, as it is an intermediate step, bridging the gap between rehab and training. 

1-on-1 personal training is appointment based allowing for quality training to happen around anyone’s busy schedule. Before becoming a part of the Transcend family, all athletes will receive an assessment upon the evaluation process. During this evaluation process we will see if Transcend is the correct fit for the athlete and if the athlete is the correct fit for Transcend. This assessment and evaluation is no longer than 30 minutes.